Software Engineering Manager, enthusiastic about software development, new technologies, Cloud Computing / AWS, Infrastructure Security, Agile, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Economics, Finance and Investments.

Software Engineering Manager at Tesla, San Francisco, California.


  • 14+ years of experience on highly scalable, reliable and available solutions
  • B.Sc. in Information Systems and Postgraduate in Design and Systems Development
  • Multiple certifications in Agile, Cloud Computing using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Technologies
  • Absolute passionate on providing training, presenting, teaching and interacting with team members
  • Tech-savvy, self-taught professional which learns completely new technologies in a heartbeat

Industry experience

E-Commerce B2C/B2B, Accounting, Sales, Finance, Investments, Investor Relations, Taxes, Retail, Telecommunications, Health and Automotive industry.


Details: marcos-soares-slipmp-certifications.pdf

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