I’ve recently had the honor to represent Cox Automotive and Dealertrack on their web sites and social media, details below:

Cox Automotive Career Spotlight: Marcos Soares

Career Spotlight article:

What aspect of working at Cox Automotive Canada (CAC) most appealed to you?

I think the most appealing aspect is our power to transition towards innovative technologies. Having long-standing, stable, and mature products does not stop Cox Automotive from being innovative. Our team members regularly advocate for better solutions, compatible with high-quality products. Notable examples are the platform modernization and pursuit of Cloud Computing; these are complex projects which the company is willing to invest in to provide highly accessible products to our Canadian clients.

What makes you feel that the work you do at CAC contributes to the company’s overall success?

Fortunately, the company encourages transparency. As an example, during our monthly business town hall, the impact after each software release is disclosed. Witnessing your inputs and pushing the company forward to success is exceptionally satisfying.

What skills do you find that you are bringing to your current role that you hadn’t thought you would use (until now)?

In my current role as a Software Engineering Manager at Dealertrack, my negotiation and persuasion skills certainly come into play. Working in such a competitive market drives our team to weigh the time, resources and competing business priorities carefully. To be successful in my role, I often need to negotiate these delicate variables placed in our software development formula.

In what ways does CAC inspire you to go above and beyond the call of duty?

We get a lot of recognition. You feel the recognition and appreciation of your efforts on every single completed task, even by contributing in the background helping your team achieve success. This encouragement drives me to have a greater sense of ownership and go above and beyond to meet our desired results.

What do you like most about your job?

The satisfaction I feel affecting people’s lives. I also enjoy the influence we have on our team members by positively coaching, training and sometimes even providing personal life advice.

How does your work impact CAC clients?

The results achieved by my team are tangible. Thousands of dealerships interact with our Dealertrack software on a daily basis. Each product enhancement notably affects the interaction between customers, dealerships, and lenders. Also, constant feedback is provided by multiple working interactions—either internally or externally direct with clients—providing recognition for those involved in the software development life cycle like me.

Why should someone consider joining CAC?

Presumably, professionals seeking a combination of growth opportunities, challenging work with proper recognition, benefits, and visibility. Does that sound appealing? If so, you should join the CAC family!

Career Spotlight Video: Marcos Soares

Newsletter March 2019

With hobbies that range from martial arts to Latin dancing, Marcos is not your typical software engineer. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in System Information, followed by a postgraduate degree at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Technology and Software, in São Paulo, Brazil where he was born, Marcos gained valuable work experience in various software engineer roles before coming to Cox Automotive Canada in May 2017.

After working as a Senior Software Engineer in São Paulo, Marcos arrived in Toronto in 2014 and worked in a similar role at Q4 Inc. a leader in investor websites, mobile and social media solutions for public companies, before joining the Dealertrack team. In his current role as a Software Engineering Manager at Dealertrack, Marcos’ responsibilities are extensive.

He manages two software development teams, internally referred to as Scrum Teams, helping them on the day-to-day performance and challenges. He also oversees the design and development of software applications, is responsible on new implementations of OEM car manufacturers within the Dealertrack Portal and is the Software Engineering member on the leadership team for the Digital Contracting solution within Canada business.

Marcos finds it’s easy to bring a healthy dose of enthusiasm to the office due to the exciting technologies and fascinating working atmosphere he finds at Cox Automotive Canada. “Our products being developed deserve appropriate enthusiasm, and I am happy to share such energy with team members,” said Marcos.

Often referred to as one of the friendliest team members on the team, Marcos is always willing to coach and help his co-workers. (He admits to a “well-controlled” chocolate addiction, but his favourite dish is a Portuguese custard tart, a treat he often shares with his coworkers.) Devoted to his work, he continually challenges proposed solutions ensuring the best choices are made within the team members’ capabilities. Outside of work hours, Marcos is a martial artist with a Black Belt in Taekwondo and is a big fan of the professional athletes that compete in The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He balances that hobby with his second passion: Forró, a partner Latin dance and music genre name he teaches as a volunteer at the University of Toronto.