“Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.”

Author Marcos Soares

Software Engineering Manager at Tesla, enthusiastic about software development, new technologies, Cloud Computing / AWS, Project Management, Agile, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Economics, Finance and Investments.

Learning Go – Structs, Methods & Interfaces

It’s been a while since I posted here. But I’ve been working hard on my YouTube channel, creating content weekly. I’ve noticed an increase in confidence while making these videos, adding my opinion and tips along the way. Videos are… Continue Reading →

Learning Go by example – Constants, For, If-Else & Switch

Hey everyone, Today I’ve uploaded a new video, a contribution towards our Learning Go journey. It was covered Constants, For, If-Else and Switch Statements. Enjoy!

YouTube – A new Software development channel

What a Journey has it been being working on this wonderful industry of Software Engineering. I’ve shared content multiple times, through this blog, countless time through Lunch n’ Learn sessions at all companies I’ve worked. Hosted session at my house… Continue Reading →

Netflix Conductor | The tip of the Iceberg

The world of microservices has come to stay and application development trends has shown the usage of Microservices is predominant on the market. Eventually on almost every project, scalability and resilience becomes a challenge. There are several solutions to address… Continue Reading →

GitHub – How to list and delete merged repositories

I would like to share two useful Scripts that I recently created to address multiple old merged branches, no longer necessary. How to list merged repositories Please note we are excluding anything that contains on its name => master and… Continue Reading →

Marcos Soares Software Engineering Manager, Dealertrack

I’ve recently had the honor to represent Cox Automotive and Dealertrack on their web sites and social media, details below: Cox Automotive Career Spotlight: Marcos Soares Career Spotlight article: What aspect of working at Cox Automotive Canada (CAC) most appealed… Continue Reading →

Being a Software Engineering Manager

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Last post was about the job transition to a new Company. Definitely, I couldn’t feel better about this decision. Only great things have happened on my professional career since first day… Continue Reading →

Trocando de emprego

Gostaria de compartilhar com vocês a experiência que tive ao trocar de emprego pela primeira vez aqui no Canada.Estava atuando como Senior Software Engineer em uma empresa chamada Q4 Inc. localizada em Toronto Downtown (Spadina and King especificamente) desde Março… Continue Reading →

RRSP e TFSA – Investimentos no Canadá

Introdução O objetivo desse post é convencer você a abrir  uma RRSP e/ou TFSA. Parto do princípio que seja um residente permanente (PR – Permanent Resident) ou Canadense, possuindo um SIN Number válido e que esteja declarando normalmente seus impostos. Tipos de… Continue Reading →

Express Entry – Minha Linha do Tempo

Olá! Nesse post eu falarei sobre a linha do tempo do meu processo de imigração via Express Entry. Post muito útil, exemplo para você que está aplicando Express Entry. Queria fazer esse post fazia um tempo, mas estava esperando meu PR card… Continue Reading →

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